Saturday, November 30, 2013

Choosing Gratitude Day 20

Day 20

1 Timothy 5:82 Timothy 1:3–53:14–15

Godly character in every area of our 

lives will show up within the four walls 

of our homes. We can’t say we love 

God if we don’t manifest His love to our 

family members or if we allow 

bitterness to fester in our hearts 

toward them. For the most part, we 

don’t get to choose our family 

members, as we do our “friends.” Yet 

we are called to love and care for those 

in our families, in spite of their 

personalities, their idiosyncrasies, or 

their character flaws. And that’s not 

always easy!

Today, focus on expressing gratitude 

for and to your family members. Make 

list of each member of your 

immediate family. Next to each name, 

write one quality about their life for 

which you are particularly grateful.

Take time to thank God for each 

member of the family He has given 

you. Then pick one or two individuals 

from your list to whom you can express 

gratitude today, in person, by phone, 

or with a note or email. (Note: You 

may want to express gratitude to a 

family member who has been 

especially difficult to love.)

So true and such a great reminder!! Especially with having to live with my parents at this time, I know I need this reminder! *Smile*

Thank you Lord for reminding me to be grateful for my family and help me to express my gratitude, EVEN if that is incredibly difficult!

Is there anyone in particular that you have a hard time "loving"? How can you express gratitude towards them? I know for me it can depend on the person. :)

For His Glory,

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