Monday, September 22, 2014

Open Heart Surgery Date Set

It's been a long week and a half. 

There was all kinds of changes for Josiah turning three and all kinds of "ups" with him. We had, had all "downs" you could say with Savannah.

After talking with the cardiologist and finding out they set Oct. 7th as her surgery date, we discussed her health at that's not great. They have upped her surgery to this Tuesday, Sept. 23.

-She is still struggling with labored breathing. It's gotten worse, the lasik isn't keeping up with it as much.

-Her weight gain has been REALLY slow and has once again plateaued. We tried to increase the calories again but her tummy couldn't handle it and ultimately she couldn't keep it down. So...
                      1. Risk of aspiration.
                      2. Back to square one with calories and no-little weight gain.

-We are heading into "sick season" and she's at a higher risk of getting sick (has to do with having Down Syndrome) and with her heart right now, depending on the illness it can be deadly to her. Last Sunday at church we found out THREE different families had phenomena and another family had the respiratory virus that has just hit New England form out West. All of that would be DEADLY to Savannah!!! If she where to get a cold...they would have to push the surgery out for another 6 weeks!! Her heart is failing....her lungs are failing...she can't take another 6 weeks they tell us.

Spending time with Daddy, telling him a story.

Princess Pudding Pops

     They had us come in this past Monday for her pre-op appointment. That was a lot of work and am SO THANKFUL that Daddy stayed home with the big kids!! We went to the lab for blood work, then for an x-ray (she has to sit while we hold her arms straight up. It's very uncomfortable, but was able to stand there and looks at her and calm her down...Thank you Lord), then an Echo was done. At that point she had, had it...she was poked, stretched, then sticky tabs where pulled off her body...she screamed then finally went to sleep, which was perfect. 

     Next we had another sonogram done of her heart. We used the half hour to talk with the Anesthesiologist about the whole thing. We then had to get more blood work done (so cruel!!), this time they took her from her head...I walked out of the room...I couldn't handle that. By that point she wouldn't stop screaming. I met with the surgeon and discussed the surgery with him, while she screamed. :p Finally they took us up to the ICU to see it, meet the nurses and was given my instructions for the night before surgery. At that point she was giving "hate look" to everyone...I have never seen her give looks like that. lol!

A cutie in Daddy's arms.

In awe of Daddy.

My 5 month daughter is having open heart surgery.

My daughter is having OPEN HEART SURGERY.


I've said it out loud...I've whispered it...I've cried it.

Once again I am handing it over to CHRIST.  Fear and worry does nothing. but drain today of it's joy. 

     God is in control...I am NOT. No matter the out come...not mater what happens...good or bad. God is in control!  HE created her...HE loves her more then we do...HE had entrusted her to us, but ultimately she is HIS child, not ours. There is NOTHING I can I will PRAY...pray for the surgeons and medical team, the hospital, against germs and infections, for strength for her body and heart, for peace and strength for our family, and for grace. Then I will again hand my fear and worry over to HIM...the AUTHOR of LIFE.

DISCLAIMER: I am about to describe a summary of the surgery and what to expect after. 
If you can't handle that type of thing, then don''t read and further. :) 

     The night before (as in tonight) we have to scrub her down with a special soap they gave us and again in the morning. We have to be there for 6 am in Boston. They are going to cut down the soft bone on the rib cage (the bone that connect the ribs in the middle), they will then pull back her ribs and in order to fix her heart they will take a dime size piece of her heart to patch up the hole (he said it's just like patching a hole in clothes), he will literally tie off the artery that is still open. I don't think he is going to touch the smaller hole in her lower chamber and he mentioned that typically there is a hole in the upper chamber that they can't see and if that's the case he will stitch that hole up.
     I don't know how they keep the heart pumping...I kind of tuned out at that point. I know she will have a pic in a main vein and a breathing tube in. He will then wire the rub cage back together. The surgery should take about 6 hours.
     Lord willing, she will spend about a week in the ICU before coming home. They said the first few days there will be ups and downs with her health, until her heart "gets it" and then she should take off health wise. :) When we come home you have to be very careful how you hold her, due to her bones healing. I'm nervous about that. But once she stabilizes she should take off health wise, grow and have way more energy!

For His Glory,

Thursday, September 18, 2014

God's Mercy towards our Birthday Boy

I'm 3!


       It's hard to believe 3 years ago I suddenly went into labor and Josiah was born...we had no idea if he would live or die. He wasn't breathing, but praise be to God, he finally started breathing and they rushed him to the NICU. God has saw fit to allow us to raise this precious little boy for 3 years now!! I'm still in awe.

As the 3 years have gone by I am more and more in awe of God's mercy towards us with Josiah!

The  First thing I learned was h0w merciful God has been in regards to Josiah's health.
     We were told due to his premature lungs he would have all kinds of breathing issues, including severe asthma. As of this day there is NO SIGN of asthma!! Thank you Jesus! Thank the Lord I found out after the matter, but was later told they had prepped the ICU for after his all day surgery. They did not expect him to handle it well particularly his lungs... to everyone's surprise he was able to go to a typical room/floor. Even when he had the flu he did not need to be hospitalized.

The second thing I have learned is how merciful God has been in regards to his cleft lip/palate.
     Josiah had his big clinic last Friday at Children's Hospital and at one point I was so humbled I wanted to weep. Most of the kids there were there for cleft lip/palate follow ups. You could TELL they had surgery for cleft lips...Josiah on the other hand...not so much!! Sure if you look you can see it's different looking, his nose is some what crooked, etc. I can't tell you enough how humbled I was to see such a HUGE difference!! No it doesn't matter if you can tell or not...but the fact that God allowed Josiah to be barely noticeable...I was speechless...I just assumed the other kids looked like him. Also his tooth that is behind the front row, to everyone's surprise is an extra! That's a good thing! :) Better to have extra , then less I was told. Thank you Jesus!
Rocking Dakota's sunglasses. :)

Last but not least, I learned how merciful God has been with Josiah's therapy.
      While in NH we had Early Intervention for him. They started with O.T. then we had a long struggle with literally teaching him to eat (so many factors I never thought about), swallow tests and more feeding therapy, then finally some physical therapy to try and get him to walk. Praise the Lord, he was walking by about 2 and learned how to walk on the uneven ground outside this past spring. :) But then there was a gap after we moved . After Savannah was born with Down Syndrome we finally got on Early Intervention in this area...Praise God! After evaluations we finally started working on speech therapy, but still have a long way to go, though he is saying a few words! With turning 3 means big changes, he "ages out of E.I." So we started the process of seeing about possibly getting him therapy through the school system and after talking to Savannah's therapist, we decided to try and get an evaluation at a private place and started with North East Rehab.
      Since we still hadn't heard from the school system for further evaluations, where we go for E.I. agreed to allow him to stay in his little 2X2 group through the fall, so he could continue to work on sign language and communicating with kids his age. He LOVES it! We have to pay out of pocket, but I am still thankful there won't be another gap and delay for him! Then Thursday when I took him to his evaluation at North East, to my (and his E.I. therapists) surprise (and delight) was told he qualified and would start right away on therapy. We expected months of waiting and go from place to place for evaluations. God took it one step further and they are also approving him for some much needed O.T and Physical Therapy! Praise God!! I FINALLY feel like we are getting help for Josiah and Lord willing, can get him caught up and strengthened physically.

 Some helpful things I learned (which I'm so excited to have answers):
     The specialist in Boston pointed out he makes A LOT of sounds in the back of his throat. This is bad and will eventually damage his vocal chords, which is a big concern. We don't want to discourage ANY sounds he makes, but instead get really excited and encourage sounds in the front of the mouth. She doesn't think his palate or extra tooth are causing the issues in speech, yet if he hasn't made huge improvements within 6 months she wants to reexamine that sooner then a year.

showing you what the dental team did. :)
     During his evaluation at North East ( I can't tell you how excited I was after meeting his new therapist) she was talking about kids the have weak muscles (make an o face...those muscles) when drinking from a straw stick it far back in their mouths and bite down. Josiah does this!! We had no clue it was due to his weak muscles! Because of that his swallowing becomes uncoordinated and it again comes out his nose. She has a device to work on that. His soft palate needs to be strengthened and he is very nasally. I found out when he is blowing on his food, he's actually blowing out his nose, not his mouth (it's hard to tell his face is all scrunched up) she has a device that will gently pinch the nose closed so he can't use it and will learn to use his soft palate and be aware of sounds from his mouth. SOOO freaking excited about all of this!! :)

Whoops, missed his mouth. ;)

I just want to say that even if God saw fit to not show mercy in any or all of those areas, HE is still a merciful, loving, God. I am a sinful wretch and do not deserve any of it and am so thankful for His sweet blessings and mercy!

No, that is not lipstick! He got into the girls red paint, I guess the sponge brush felt cool on his lips. lol!!

I thought this song was perfect, though I couldn't find Aaron Keyes singing it.

For HIS Glory,

Friday, August 29, 2014

Raising Funds for Therapy and Surgery

Some therapy items from E.I.

I can't believe 3 years ago I was in the hospital on bed rest wondering if I would make it to 24 weeks...if Josiah would live...if I would be okay. God was/is merciful and our miracle baby is going to be 3 in a few short weeks!!

With turning 3 though means aging our of Early Intervention. As in THE DAY he turns 3, no more therapists coming to the house, no more speech therapy group, no more free "rented" resources from them. Early Intervention has been there since the beginning. From occupational therapy (strengthening particularly his core/ upper body), to nutritionists, weight check ins, feeding & swallowing test, feeding therapy, to eventually teaching him to crawl/walk before moving from NH. Though he's still not talking, I have to remind myself he's come ALONG way since birth!

Savannah's therapist does certain message exercises to struggle her muscles orally to help her feed better, which will in turn help her when it comes to talking (babies with Trisomy 21 struggle with that). I am VERY frustrated that no ever mentioned, did or taught me to do that with Josiah. He didn't orally eat so they knew his muscles needed to be strengthened eventually so he could eat. We have learned that's one reason for the delay in speech...his muscles are too weak. So WHY didn't anyone work with him or teach me to, from the beginning??!? I had no clue back them.

Here's is a video of me sort of doing one of the messages. I'm not doing it properly because I was trying to get her to laugh for the camera. :)

So where does that leave us? We are waiting on his evaluation with the public school. We have an apt at the end of October to hear what they have to say. I am also calling private therapy locations that the E.I. therapist recommend to book evaluations. He has a clinic on the 5th with the surgeons and will need a letter form them for the insurance and then we have to pursue trying to cover his therapy.

So in the mean time, God has shown His mercy again, Josiah's E.I. therapy group is able/willing to keep him on through the fall session as a community kid!! The downfall is we have to pay for them completely out of pocket and he will go from 3 days of therapy a week to 1. BUT there won't (shouldn't be at least) be a gap in his speech therapy while we work on finding him some where else to go. :)

Then as you know the plan is for Savannah to have open heart surgery. Right now we are looking at the second week of October but we shall see. I am working on finding out what the insurance covers, making sure she is covered for it, and if they/I need anything.

That being said I am looking to help my husband out with raising funds to pay for Josiah's speech therapy and any "tools" we will now need to buy, plus help cover any medical bills from Savannah. I am doing that by selling Lilla Rose and Jamberry Nails.

You can "like" my lilla Rose Facebook page to keep up to date with new styles and sales, here:

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I have an open party going on until 8/31 if you would like to place and order. :)

Thank you for reading all my ramblings and explanations. If you have any questions feel free to ask! :)

For His Glory,

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lilla Rose Sale and GIVEAWAY

Lilla Rose is having an awesome sale going on.

1. There are several NEW designs and they are 10% off!!!

2. Soon to be retiring designs are 20% off!! Grab them while you can.

3. Every purchase you make you will be entered into a drawing for a design of your choice.

Any profits I make on sales will be used to provide Josiah with speech therapy, since he will no longer qualify for E.I. come next month. Thank you for helping us with this expense, we so appreciate it! :)

For His Glory,

Heart Surgery(?) and Sickness

Hello World!

I can't believe it's been about 1 1/2 months since Savannah had her originally tube placed! I've had several people ask me for's hard when things can change several times a week.

blurry picture of the feeding machine from Naomi :)

Getting a tummy full.


     So far Savannah has been good about not pulling her tube out. She's only pulled it out 3 times. The first and last were about 3 weeks in and (she accidentally pulls it out by sucking on her fingers then her finger gets caught on the tube) she pulled it out a few days before we where going to change it anyway. The 2nd time though, she only had it in for about two days, due to the arm bands being WAY to big and causing them to fall off. Besides she hates the arms bands, since she can't sooth herself. A friend who is a genius by the way, *wink* suggested newborn baby mitts. Genius I tell you, genius!!! She can still sooth herself by sucking on the mitts, but her fingers don't get caught.

Loving my mitts. ;)

     Last Monday the 11th we went into Boston to see the cardiologist, to find out if the surgeon wanted to schedule surgery or not. Much to my mixed feelings, we found out that they DO indeed want to schedule open heart surgery. :( She said they would be calling me to schedule the surgery, that the surgeon wanted to schedule it on 2-4 weeks!! I was not expecting them to do it SO soon! She suggested that I push for 4 weeks to give Savannah more time to grow before surgery.

Hey mom, here's my foot!

It's been a crazy two weeks...Josiah and Naomi got sick from being at the doctors (they both put a toy in their mouths.) They then passed the germs on to Savannah! I also realized that 4 weeks would be the second week of September, which is when I scheduled us to start school. Eek! So I have also been in "full steam ahead mode." We started school the next day, but I am still prepping, organizing and scheduling, since I wasn't finished with that yet.

Sick, breathing hard, just want Mama!

     By the end of the week I still hadn't heard from anyone about scheduling her surgery and was getting frustrated! If they were scheduling surgery in two weeks that would be here before you know it and I have three others kids to make arrangements for, plus I would like to know what to expect regarding surgery and recovery. So I called the cardiologist (since I had no idea who the surgeon is and how to even reach him) and found out that the board of surgeons hadn't even met yet, so they hadn't discussed her case! What!!? That's not what I was lead to believe!!

Sick, sleeping on Mommy.

     They called me back Friday after talking with the surgeon and cardiologist. I found out Dr. Warren is her surgeon, he wasn't able to meet with the board of surgeons, but that they are meeting THIS week and will call me NEXT week with an exact date for surgery. To help me out and give Savannah more time they agreed to shoot for the second week of October, unless she takes a turn for the worse. So we have crossed out the 2nd week and were told to tell family and friends...Lord willing we will have an exact date next week.

Crazy early morning shot, by Naomi. :)

     No, I still don't have any details on the surgery it's self, expected time in the hospital, and recovery time.We did see the cardiologist again yesterday and were told to keep an eye on her breathing do to the combination of being sick and her heart. Lord willing we are seeing her again on Sept. 2nd.

For HIS Glory,

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Different Kind of Flower

For my sweet Josiah...

A Different Kind Of Flower

She had been so depressed after the birth. Depressed and guilty and 
angry. She had been so good all through the pregnancy; it just wasn't 
fair. Her baby wasn't perfect. Her baby had a cleft. 

The front door closed in the other room. She knew her husband was home. 

He was later today than usual. Looking up, she saw him come into the room. 

He held out to her a gorgeous bouquet of roses. But wait, among the roses 
was one lone orchid. It was a beautiful orchid. With splendid color and 
plump. Lush petals, different from all the other flowers in the bouquet. 

She looked at her husband and stroked the errant bloom. 

"What's this?" she asked him. 

"Honey," he said as he sat beside her, "this flower is our son. Every
other baby in the nursery had rose-bud lips. But his lips were open, like
the petals of this orchid. Everybody else had a rosebud, but we had the only
orchid in the bunch. I just wanted you to see how beautiful an orchid is,
even among the rosebuds." 

She smiled. The orchid was beautiful after all. How could she ever had 
missed the beauty of the orchid among the rosebuds? 

- Joanne Green 

Josiah at this point. :)

For His Glory,

Saturday, July 5, 2014

An update at Tufts Medical

Well we finally made it to Tufts Wednesday afternoon and I didn’t get lost! Woo-hoo! Though it’s good thing I had the written directions, not sure where GPS was trying to bring me. ;)

We immediately went to cardiology and Dr. Zilberman was there, so nice to see a familiar face. There are 3 cardiologists through Tufts floating in Lawrence; he was the first one we saw and my favorite. He helped me get Savannah and our stuff up to the inpatient floor and made sure they knew what we are here for, etc.
On the monitor waiting...

Let me tell you, they move quickly here! Wow! They got everything done within the first hour or two! I was told they wanted to take blood to test her iron, electrolytes, etc (due to the diuretic she’s on), put an IV in and an NG Tube, plus a chest x-ray to see the tube and fluid amount. I was TOTALLY unprepared when they came in the room to put the IV and NG Tube in back to back, listening to them talk, I didn’t think they were going to do it in the room. They suggested I leave the room…I selfishly wanted to I wouldn’t hear her scream. But I couldn’t leave her! Honestly, I know its minor compared to SO many things. But it was incredibly hard to hear her scream and gag as they didn’t everything!

Exhausted after all that screaming, but it's in!
After they got the IV and tube in and the x-ray done we spent the next few hours meeting various specialists from departments that are helping her. What are really liked was this morning they had what’s called a “family medical circle,” and the various doctors and specialists come in and stand in a circle in your room (then we sing and chant…j/k J) , they go over everything making sure they are all on the same page (Tufts is a training hospital so they train meds students that way). We go over any question I or one of them might have, set goals for the day and what our game plan is for Savannah over all. I was able to take notes and ask any questions I might have.
Mom, there's something down my nose!

She had a hard time with the first tube feeding. I wound up holding her through it as she gagged, cried and made faces. The next feed she gagged when I nursed her, but was better with the tube feeding. We are all excited and I am thankful to the Lord that she is doing great with both nursing and tube feeding. I can’t imagine either one must be comfortable with a tube down your throat! This is why I didn’t want her to have to go through having an NG tube. She is struggling though with getting tired a lot faster when I nurse, plus she isn’t nursing nearly as long. We will be discussing that today. Praying that it’s just due to the tube in the nose and will improve after it’s removed.
Look how cute I am! My nurses just love me! :)

We have her on a schedule (basically the same as Josiah), every three hours she gets fed 2oz via tube while I nurse her before hand.  Skip the 3am feed so we can get some sleep (midnight is going to be hard though). I will meet with nutrition and come up with a ratio for 24 calories before going home. Whether it’s directions for straight formula or fortified breast milk, so that I’m prepared. I’m training to listen with a stethoscope before each feed to check that the tube is still in the stomach.

Her lab results where great! She is not anemic at this time and everything else is within normal range. We have to keep an eye on fluid levels in her lungs due to the increase in fluids. Last night her oxygen was dipping a bit, but it’s gone back up (Thank you Lord) and she is off the monitors now! J

Missing my family and the noise, so I'm hanging with mommy.

They are still talking and planning for open heart surgery. The cardiologist all agree her congenital heart failure is not really showing signs that it will completely close on its own. Yet they say they have been completely surprised before, so we shall see. Though we are praying she will be spared surgery, we are thankful to the Lord for knowledgeable surgeons and previous parents paving the way for us! The Lord is so good and we are grateful no matter how HE chooses to heal her heart!  I know I was asked about her heart…she needs to gain weight for two reasons (other then just growing). She has to weigh 10 lbs before they will attempt surgery. Also gaining weight and getting bigger will help her heart not strain so much and can help aid it in closing the hole. Weight gain issues are common in babies with Down Syndrome.

I believe that covers all the main areas that I know so far I am waiting for our “family medical circle” today, I will know more then, but I do know the nurse is preparing us to go home today (though we haven’t gotten the official orders yet)! I am exhausted at this point, but SO thankful to the Lord, that everything is going well!

For HIS Glory,

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

God be my Strength

Cooing and smiling at mom!

Yesterday we had Savannah's Cardiologist appointment...I was not looking forward to it. I knew weight gain had been slow. I even contemplated canceling the appointment and rescheduling it for a later time, in order to give her more time to gain weight...but I didn't.

I met the third and last cardiologist. She was very nice, I liked her immediately! I appreciated how she treated me as an equal and spent time explaining everything and answering any questions I had.

She explained that she is concerned about Savannah's weight gain and how the lack of weight gain actually put more strain on her heart. She showed me her chart and how she has slowly fallen off the chart for her age. As she put it, "she's wasting away." Though Savannah HAS gained some weight since birth! She is at 8.4lbs at this time...that is way below what she should weigh though.

It's our little "peanut"

I asked about waking her several times through the night. You see Savannah started sleeping through the night! Every mother's dream, right?! Nightmare for me though!! Besides who in their right mind would wake a sleeping baby?! ;) She is so exhausted from just breathing (it's a workout on it's own, nursing even more so), that she sleeps a lot. Waking her would not allow her body to get the rest it needs and breastmilk alone does not supply enough calories. She burns so many calories that we really need her to take a bottle with fortified breastmilk (which I, hate, hate, HATE...I don't want her on formula, even just a little), but she wont take a bottle even for the therapist and she's not getting enough through the syrenge! I would have to feed her all day with it. Which I do spend the majority of my afternoons doing just that.

Needless to say, unless she took a bottle there is nothing else I can do except have an NG Tube placed. The NG Tube is the issue I feared and dreaded the most (besides OPEN HEART SURGERY) and now we are facing that. Josiah use to rip his out ALL the time in the NICU! Augh!! At least she can still eat if it gets pulled out until a nurse can put it back in.

We found out Friday that the health insurance will not continue covering for the VNA nurse to come out for weight checks. The doctors are NOT happy and disagree with that decision. So her coming home with an NG Tube should get that started again, since it WILL be medically necessary (we hope!).

So the cardiologist asks if I will need time to get all my "ducks in a row" before. I like of course! I have 3 other kids I have to get situated. I start to tell her that next will be REALLY difficult to find help, but if she gives me a few days, I can probably figure something out. Her response..."No I mean this needs to get done. As in I want her admitted tomorrow (Wed.)." Umm...Does she have kids?!? HAHAHA! All I can still do is laugh at that! She wants me to be at the hospital for a few days and all I'm given is ONE afternoon to get this ready!! :p 

Hanging out with Naomi. :)

SOOOOO needless to say, I'm just as stressed about getting everything situated as I am about the procedure!!  God has provided help for at least today and I'm getting ready to head into Boston. All I can do is hand this over to GOD, HE is in control and is my strength, my help, and my comforter.

The adventure begins....

For HIS Glory,

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Postponing an NG Tube

Excited about the good news! :)

There is BIG news after Savannah’s Cardiologist appointment today!! I thought it would be easier to write it on my blog (more room).

(For my sweet readers I haven’t been on in almost a year!! In that time I had a sweet baby girl, but I will update you all on that later.)

Savannah weighed in at 8.5 lbs!!!! That means she at least gained an ounce in one day (the doctor’s scale is usually lower then the visiting nurse’s, so it might be more). The cardiologist was VERY happy to say the least! She kept thanking me for my hard work.

For those that don’t know, Savannah plateau on her weight gain, then started to drop (she was labeled failure to thrive, like Josiah) and we found out she need’s to weigh at least 10 lbs for her open heart surgery, yet she was having a hard time getting to 8 lbs.

The cardiologist wanted me to pump and supplement my milk with formula, since you can’t physically make more than 20 calories and they wanted her to get at least 24. She is burning too many calories when she breaths due to the hole in her heart (it’s like a work out every time she breathes).

Soooo…I saw a feeding specialist twice and we tried various ways to get her to take fortified breast milk. Various bottles, a new device they use (it sort of looks like a rubber medicine cup), and an SNS system (it hangs around my neck and I tape a tube to me, so when she nurses it drips into her mouth for her to get both.) Any hoo, she is so smart and doesn’t want anything but mom and has refused all of our efforts. 

Attempting Rubber Cup

I have been trying over and over again for about 3 weeks. I finally decided to use a syringe to feed her with. I figured if she takes her medicine that way, why not milk?! It’s slllooowww going and I spend a good chunk of my day just slllooowwlyyy squirting 1 oz in her.

Syringe Feeding
But between nursing and that, it’s working!! Praise the LORD!! She has gained weight! She averaged out at 34 grams a day (they want at least 30 a day).  That being said, Savannah does NOT need an NG feeding tube put in!!

The cardiologist said she would go ahead and present her case the surgeon board next Tuesday and so we could move ahead with setting up her surgery in a month or two (so that right there is good, they wanted to do it immediately at 3 months originally). Then she decided to send us in for a cardiogram so we could she where the hole in her heart was at (same or smaller).

MORE good news….the hole has gotten SMALLER and is trying to heal itself!! Praise be to GOD!!!!! Joseph and I have been asking the Lord to spare her the surgery, yet we trust HIM if He chooses to heal her heart through the surgery.

That being said I don’t have to go back for another 3 weeks. Our nurse will continue to come twice a week to weigh her. If she continues to gain we then don’t have to go back for another 2-3 weeks and….we can plan of PUSHING THE SURGERY OUT until she is 5-6 months (as long as she continues to gain.). If that happens we will at that time look at heart out again and possible push it out further or even cancel it all together, if the Lord heals it on it’s own.

Trying to smile at mom.

We want to thank everyone for their continued prayers! And ask for weight gain and healing for our sweet Savannah Rose. 

For HIS Glory,

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