Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Surgery Again

Smiling even at 4am!

Hello everyone!

     I'm so sorry it's been so long since my last post. I have been getting terrible headaches and promised my husband i wouldn't sit in front of the computer as much.

     We were on vacation visiting my husband's family down in Mississippi and I expected to have time while there but alas, I did not! But it was for a good reason, God answered a prayer of mine, which I will share later.

     I wanted to share with you all yesterday, but was so very tired and busy. As I write this my son is in having surgery. I am SO tired! I have been up since 3:30am and didn't sleep well last night. But Lord willing, I will have time and the energy to work on some posts I have been wanting to share with you all.

Tired but still smiling.

     I wanted to ask you all for prayer for my son, but he is already in having surgery. I am trusting God that everything will go just fine! So far his past surgeries have gone smoothly (previously there was a higher risk, but his lungs have matured. Praise GOD!), and the first surgery this morning went smoothly. They got the i.v. in with no problem and got his ear tubes in. About 45 minutes later I got an update that they were JUST starting his palate repair surgery! The surgeon is the best around and a perfectionist, so I am NOT complaining. *smile* It means he wanted everything to be just so, before starting. It is going to be several more hours, about four to be precise.

Waiting to go in for surgery.

      I just wanted to ask for prayer, that everything will go well. That Josiah wont be in a ton of pain and that he wont have any eating or respiratory issues. After the last surgery God answered my hearts prayer and we had a nice roommate and I could get some rest. I pray our stay will once again go smoothly and he and I can rest while we are here. Please also pray that Josiah will handle not being able to stick his fingers in his mouth (his favorite thing to do for comfort and falling asleep) and have arm braces on for 6 weeks! During the first surgery I was worried how he would handle not being able to use his pacifier to fall asleep (the nurses in the NICU got him hooked on it, which drove me crazy! ;) ). God answered the concern in an unexpected way. Josiah almost immediately learned that he could bring his hands to his mouth and learned to suck on his two middles fingers. So cute! *smile* So I know if we ask Him, He can and will provide a comfort for Josiah, that I wouldn't even think of.  Our God is such a loving and caring God!

"Rock On"

Thank you for praying with me!

What is a way that God has answered a prayer for you?

For His glory,

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