Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Eggs

Have you seen the shaving cream colored eggs on facebook? We decided to give it a try. Here is our results...

Dakota getting ready.
What you need:
-Eggs     -something to cover your table (dollar store table cover)     -vinegar     

 -toothpick/knife     -Food coloring     -plain, unscented cheap shaving cream     -preferably 

throw away containers 

The vinegar it what causes the color to stick to the eggs. So we tried to let them soak for about a minute each. 

You squirt the shaving cream into the containers and put a few drops of food coloring then you need something to swirl it with (toothpick, knife, etc). We did a back and forth motion so that it made a neat pattern and slightly mixed the colors together. But you don't want to mix and stir otherwise the colors just mix together and don't leave the fun pattern.

Rolling the egg.

Roll the egg around nice and good.

Careful it is VERY tempting to play in the shaving cream after! *smile*

Green monster!!

Imitating "green monster!" :)
Then we layed it them on a cooling rack to dry. It takes along time to dry. So we did it in the evening and let them dry over night.

Eggs ready to dry.

Voila! Our eggs the next morning!

For His Glory,

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