Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Choosing Gratitude Day 17

Day 17

Proverbs 3:13–18

When the writer of Proverbs outlines 

the benefits of wisdom, he is also 

advertising the benefits of every other 

habit and discipline inspired by the 

Scriptures. And since the practice of 

being thankful is a basic characteristic 

of God’s people, I believe these 

passages that call us to wise, godly 

living can appropriately be applied to 

the issue of gratitude as well. That’s 

why I really like what’s implied in 

today’s reading. It begins and ends 

with a word—“blessed”—that portrays 

the type of person God desires and 

enables us to be.

Some Bible translations use a slightly 

different word … “happy.” For most 

people, happiness is tied to 

circumstances—to what is happening in 

their lives. For Christians, however, 

happiness or blessedness is not 

dependent on the weather, the stock 

market, or how our last haircut turned 

out. Real happiness—that unshakable 

sense of peace, contentment, and well-

being—comes as we remind ourselves 

of the blessings we have in Christ and 

then respond with thankfulness.

We’ve talked about being “loud” with 

our thanksgiving, being vocal about 

what God is doing. Check to be sure 

your countenance is also expressing a 

joyful, thankful heart.

I know I have struggled with this lately. My countenance has shown my exhaustion and trials and I don't want that! I want to be real and honest with my hardships, but I also want to radiate Christ. I want people to one day say, "I never knew you where going through that...you always radiated God's joy!"

What about you, is your countenance expressing a joyful, thankful heart? What are some things you are thankful for?

For His Glory,

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