Monday, August 5, 2013

Mission-Minded Families

I have been listening to Revive Our Hearts as much as I can while we are at my in-laws and have internet. I just have to share today's broadcast with you! I cannot wait to hear the rest of the series!

I was talking with one of my sister in-law's and we where discussing how difficult it can be, to be content at times. When you have little kids, they are your focus and ministry. It's OK if you can't get everything you wanted done or to have the house spotless and looking like Martha Stewart. Actually if our homes are perfect, then we need to step back and make sure that we aren't putting our children and husband on the "back burner." It's OK if you can't volunteer in activities for church during that period of time. Our children will grow and we can then include them in ministries along side of us.

I was sharing with my sister in-law that I was struggling with contentment in our living arrangements. We live on the second floor of a duplex, from the outside it is so embarrassing looking (the inside isn't that bad). There really isn't much of a yard and the neighbor's yard is usually filled with junk. Our neighbor's below us can drive me crazy and we have strange neighbors that live next to us (the building are right on "top" of one another and there are several renters in the house next door). But the Lord has been convicting me on my heart. That my mission is where HE has me at this moment...

My family...and my neighbors.

No that doesn't mean the kids and I go over to the male neighbors to share the gospel alone. I will leave that up to my husband *wink.* But if my husband decides to invite a neighbor over for dinner, we should show them the love of Christ and share the gospel with them. Instead of "ducking" my head and hurrying into the house as fast as I can when I see a neighbor...I should slow down and smile...perhaps even ask how their day is going. We can model Christ through how my family interacts with one another. Are we loving and patient? Or our we contentious and short with one another? But most importantly my heart needs to change toward them!

We’re not all going to be boarding planes and heading off to Zimbabwe or heading off to Tanzania or to India. However, we all need to have this mindset that wherever God has us, we’re His ambassadors. -Ann

That being said, I was very excited about today's broadcast at Revive Our Hearts. I thought it went well with my discussion from the other night. It has renewed my passion to teach my children the Word of God and to teach them to be passionate about HIM! Perhaps I will do a post on how that looks in our home. You can listen or read the whole broadcast here.

What do you do to create mission-minded children?

For HIS Glory,

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