Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Choosing Gratitude Day 7

Day 7

Luke 17:11–15

As you read today’s passage, notice some things 

about the leper who returned to thank Jesus.

First, he came loudly. He couldn’t contain his 

gratitude. This occasion called for an unrestrained, 

extreme, public display of thanks.

Second, he came close. The ten lepers “stood at a 

distance” (v. 12) from Jesus—lepers were 

ceremonially defiled and weren't allowed to come 

close to those who were “clean.” The healed leper 

who “fell on his face at Jesus’ feet, giving him thanks” 

(v. 16) was the only one of the ten who ever got 

close to Jesus. Gratitude places us in close proximity 

to Christ, where we experience the fullness of His 

redeeming power and enjoy the blessing of His 


Third, he came from a distance. “He was a 

Samaritan” (v. 16). This man had never known the 

true God until Jesus came into his world and 

transformed his life. After being separated from Jesus 

by a religious, cultural, and physical gulf, he loved 

what he saw in Jesus. 

Gratitude will draw you close to Jesus. Look for an 

opportunity today to thank the Lord for what He has 

done in your life—aloud, and in the presence of 


My plan is to praise God in front of my husband and 

kids for things the Lord has done. But also for things 

they have done. I want my kids to see me praising 

the Lord and speaking highly of Him throughout our 

"normal" day.

Who did you show gratitude to?

For His Glory,

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