Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week 2 Be My Valentine Challenge

Sorry this is late! I should have posted it on Monday.

 This weeks theme is The "Pour on the Praise" List.

     You can go to Women Living Well, for the post and full list by Courtney on this weeks challenge.

     Basically, this week we are challenged to encourage our husbands, in written form. I don’t know about you, but finding and focusing on positive things about my husband in order to post them, has helped me think more positively about my husband. Yes, he still can frustrate me. *smile* It’s hard with him not having a job, though so far it’s gotten a little easier, since we have gotten into somewhat of a routine. But this challenge has helped me focus on positive aspects of him.

Some suggestions:

-Leave him random love and or encouraging notes around the house. For example I wrote a simple note that told him I loved him and attached it to the bathroom mirror. I also left him a simple homemade card that affirmed that I thought highly of him.

-I want to make a list of ten things I respect/admire/love/appreciate about him.

-Maybe buy him a romantic card and leave it somewhere for him to find.

-Tell him you love him or some other positive thing on facebook.

-When we can afford it I want to get our vows framed and hung in our room. Perhaps you could do something lie that to affirm your commitment to him.

-Leave some chocolates on his pillow with a verse or love note.

-Talk highly of him to your kids.

-Text him. (Be careful! My sister-in law sent her husband an email and he was giving a presentation when it popped up on the over head! Lol! At least it was only PG rate! ;) Embarrassing non the less.)

-Though your husband may not be aware of it PRAY for him! Pray together. I wish we did, but we typically don’t. If you don’t pray that both your hearts will be drawn together so you will desire to pray together. That is what I am trying to remember to do. *smile*

     Have fun be creative! I can’t to hear what ya’ll come up with. I’ll let you know what I did on Monday.

     I did want to share the latest series, from Nancy Leigh Demoss, on Revive Our Hearts. She is talking about encouragement. The importance of it, who we should encourage, how we can encourage, etc. As I was listening I thought, how awesome is God, to bring this series at the same time we are talking about encouraging our husbands. Here is part of what she had to say:

“Those of you who are married, I hope that you are your husband’s number one cheerleader and encourager. There is nothing more discouraging and disheartening to a man than to have a woman who is belittling him, demeaning him, putting him down. That may be a bad habit you've gotten into, but as you let the Lord encourage you, then you can become a channel of encouragement, God's encouragement and God's grace into the life of your husband—even if he may not be, and he undoubtedly is not, all that God wants him to be. He may be real far from being all that God wants him to be.
But you can through the gift of encouragement speak grace and help and comfort and strength and motivation into his life to become all that God wants him to be. The same with your children, the same with other family members.”

     She also just finished doing one on A Wife Powerful Influence, which was awesome as well! I would highly recommend listening to both series.

     What are some creative ways you are planning to write encouragement into your husband’s life? I would love to know.

For His Glory,

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