Friday, January 25, 2013

"Be My Valentine" First Week Challenge

Are you doing the "Be My Valentine" marriage challenge? If so how are you doing this week?

     The Lord has been merciful and answered my prayer. He has given me energy after being sick. So I have been able to tackle cleaning and organizing one room a day (with packing, since we where suppose to move, before he lost his job and then Christmas, the house was in chaos!). I love bringing my husband joy. So if trying to keep the house clean and organized (as best as possible with little ones) brings him joy and relaxation  then I want to strive for that! *smile*

     I have not called my mentor yet though. It has been a crazy week! Though I do want to! Lord willing I will see her Sunday at church and can set up a time to talk over the phone.

      I have tried to speak positively of my husband at least once a day everyday. I'll be honest it was easier over the weekend and earlier this past week. Wed and Thur were hard. Not getting enough sleep and always being home together played a role in it. I know a big part though, was my own sinful heart. In stead of letting the small things go, I mentally dwelled on them. I don't know about you, but I struggle with that!! I wish I didn't and I really try not to, but I still do. :( 

     I'd  have to say I probably failed at complimenting him face to face. I did a better job of complimenting him on facebook. Which was my goal! I wanted to say something nice once a day about him in my status. My  mom even noticed. *smile* 

     My husband's love language is touch. He is always saying I don't touch him enough. I feel that I do! *chuckle* I have made a conscious effort to to be more diligent. I walk up and hug him, give him a kiss, rub is shoulder, scratch his back, lay a hand on his arm, or stop to snuggle when in reality I wan to to tackle my "to do list."

What about you, what have you done to encourage and uplift your husband? What is your husband's love language? Is it different then yours and I do you meet it day to day?

For His glory,

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