Thursday, May 17, 2012

Surgery II

Little man is still happy even after not being allowed to eat. :)

            The day is finally here! My son is having his “second” surgery (second since coming home from the NICU).

            Yesterday was mingled with preparations, excitement, nerves, exhaustion, and anticipation.

            It felt like this morning would never come and I couldn’t imagine how I would ever fall asleep.

            One by one my two girls and I came down with colds (still not convinced that it’s not allergies) and was worried that Josiah would get sick.
1.      It could be life threatening to him and he could be hospitalized.
2.      It could prevent the surgery and postpone it to a later date.

We didn’t want either of those things to happen! Praise the Lord, God kept him
safe! He sounded a little sniffily, but his stats are great and they said his lung sound clear, so they gave the green light.

            Today he is having 3 surgeries. Which are:

1.      The lathim device is being removed.
2.      They are taking out the PEG tube and putting in a more “mature” styled, Mikki tube.
3.      Then Plastic surgery is doing the first lip repair for his cleft lip.

We are excited once the device is removed, we can start to move forward with stimulating his oral feeds. He exclusively eats through the tube, which is not good.

            The PEG tube was long and he was starting to grab at it., we didn’t want him to pulled it out! The Mikki tube is more work for me, but better for him. *smile*

            So excited that we are moving forward with repairing th cleft lip and palate. It’s bitter sweet, he is sooooo darn cute and it’s weird to imagine him looking any different. Psst…can I tell you a secret?! I’m scared to see him! He’s going to look different. I’m expecting him to have stitches on his lips and last time he had a crazy scared look on his face after waking up from the anesthesia.  But, it’s for the better! He still has two more surgeries to go within this first year.

            Please keep our little man in prayer, that there will be no complications, everything will heal quickly, and he won’t be in a lot of pain (they had to be careful with the pain meds, since he was born so very early)! Thank you!

What are you all doing today?

I see you! Josiah in Pre-Op.

For His glory,

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