Monday, May 21, 2012

Going Home

Josiah's wonderful nurse attending to him.

Can I tell you a secret?!

I’m scared to go home tomorrow! I’ve never felt this way! I miss my girls and want to see them, but I feel so inadequate to care for Josiah.

The nurse thinks’ I’m silly. She says there’s no extra work. But he’s uncomfortable and he cannot snuggle the way he likes to, due to his swollen, stitched up lips!

I’m scared I’ll hurt him trying to clean it or what if something happens and the stitches tear? He has a deep cough, what if it get’s worse and he has to be hospitalized?

The fears and worries swirl around me! But God is bigger then all that!! Praise the LORD! *smile*

I know ultimately it will be ok! I am resting in my Father’s arms and I’m trusting in His goodness.

Have you been scared of a particular situation?

For His Glory,

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