Thursday, May 31, 2012

"And let him rebuke me"

David anointed with oil

Let the righteous strike me;
it shall be a kindness.
And let him rebuke me;
it shall be as excellent oil;
let my head not refuse it.
Psalm 141:5

     Upon reading Psalm 141:5 this morning, I am struck by David's heart! David is wise and 

humble enough to ASK God to bring people (not just any people, but righteous people) into 

his life to rebuke him! He is wise enough to know and want to be corrected when he has 

done wrong or is not thinking in a godly way. He sees that rebuke as kindness and as an 

excellent oil upon his head. Then he asks God to help him not to refuse it. I am struck by 

the wisdom of David's heart!

     I don't know about you, but I have never asked God to bring righteous people into my 

life to rebuke me! I have asked God to bring godly and righteous people (particularly 

women) into my life to guide and teach me to be a godly women, wife, and mother. But, I 

have never thought, or been humble enough to ask God to bring women into my life to 

rebuke me. I don't want to be prideful and of course want to be gently rebuked if I am 

doing, acting, or thinking in an ungodly way, though it stings and technically I don't like it! 

But I want to be a women after God's own heart, even if that means from time to time I 

have to have the sting of being rebuked. 


  How about you...have you asked God to bring righteous people into your life to rebuke 

you?! Perhaps we need to stop and humble our hearts and ask God for that! Do you see 

righteous correction and rebukement as a good thing, as an act of kindness, as David put it?

       For His Glory,

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