Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Emma

Happy 4th birthday my Emma, my love.
I miss you more and more everyday!
I want you to know that we think of you daily.
You will never be forgotten!
Perhaps God will restore you to our family.

Your squeals of laughter ring in my heart and mind.
It is so bitter sweet,
Bringing such pain and joy all the time!
Oh, I miss that twinkle in your eye.

Today is Good Friday,
Why didn’t God let this loss pass over us?
We may never know.
I do know that your big sister never stops talking about you.
Grammy Rosemary says hello.

We don’t know what you are doing for your birthday.
What is your theme?
Elmo, tinkerbell, ballerina?
Perhaps you have a new love and passion.

Do you think of us,
And wonder where we may be?
We are here my love,
Waiting for thee!

I can’t believe your 4 all ready!
Where does the time go?
May your birthday be full of love and joy.

Hot chocolate face. :)
For His glory,
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