Friday, April 13, 2012

Jesus Thank You-Easter

Dakota coloring.

I know this post is VERY late. *smile* But I figure better late then never.

        I had good intentions for Easter this year. I had lots of ideas and wanted to do lots of posts. Life happens though, children have surgeries, momma’s don’t get sleep, school work needs to be taught…and posts get pushed to the side…so do my Easter plans.

            Last year I did a Passover meal with the kids and we washed each other’s feet. I had wanted to do it again this year. It didn’t happen. I also wanted to read the verses for each day from Palm Sunday through Easter. Once again I failed. My husband read to them some over the computer. Overall we didn’t get a chance to do most things though.

Easter Eve, aka the night before Easter (hmm..I think I just made a new term. *wink*). I came up with the idea to do a Resurrection hunt with the girls in the morning. All thanks to the post I was reading from Doorpost. I LOVE them by the way. *smile* Here’s the link to their post:  I only did the Resurrection hunt for older kids. Since my 7 year old would only understand (the other 2 are too young). Basically you take verses about Jesus, His death and resurrection. Highlight a particular word or two as the hints. Eventually it led them to their Easter gifts (I found chocolate crosses at the dollar store! Yippy! Plus a movie about William Tynsdale).  I didn’t use all the verses. I was too tired and didn’t want them outside in the morning (it was suppose to rain). They had a blast!! Lord willing we will do this again next year and perhaps the younger children’s activity. I love that it helps bring the focus back to Christ. He is our treasure!!

Naomi doing a cookie dance (she's eating an Easter cookie.) :)

Some verses from our Resurrection hunt.

I was not able to due the Cedar meal on Good Friday. BUT, I was able to do the Passover meal steps, while my parents and younger sister where here for Easter. My mom was very thoughtful and purchased some Lebanese food and brought it over Sunday. Yeah, no cooking!! *smile* Plus, it unintentionally gave us lamb for our Cedar meal.

Preparing the Passover.

I used a difference source this year for all the steps. I used an article from Focus on the Family. Next year I hope to be more prepared and have my husband with us to do the Passover meal. It was special doing each of the steps and comparing the Israelites flee from Egypt to our rescue from sin.

I am always amazed at the fact that our God loves us sooooo much that He was willing to send His only son, to die for OUR sins. His death felt and covered ALL of our sins. It’s just amazing to stop and think EVERYONE’S sin then, since then, and future sins (He knows them all) have been covered!! THANK YOU Jesus!!!East

What are some things you do for Easter to bring the focus back to Christ?

For HIS glory,
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