Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Choosing Gratitude Day 30

Day 30

Galatians 5:16–24

As you launch out on a new lifestyle of 

gratitude, use today to set some goals 

for what you want God to accomplish in 

your heart, being specific about the 

ways you intend to practice ongoing 

thankfulness. For example, if you want 

to become more deliberate about 

writing thank-you notes, how many 

would you like send in a typical week or 

month? What Scriptures do you plan to 

memorize and meditate on in relation 

to thankfulness? Whom will you ask to 

hold you accountable for specific areas 

where you need to grow in the grace of 


Whatever mechanics it requires to get 

it up and running will soon fall away to 

the freedom of pursuing it with 

passion. Are you ready to experience 

the life-changing power of Christian 

gratitude? Then let the Lord help you 

decide what your next steps should be.

Write a simple prayer, expressing to 

the Lord your desire to develop a 

radically grateful lifestyle. Thank Him 

for His supernatural grace that will 

enable you to “abound in thanksgiving.”

I am still praying and asking the Lord to show ME specific ways in which HE wants me to focus on expressing gratitude.

I know I want to be more diligent in showing much more gratitude to my kids and husband! I want to also be conistent in thanking the women who have become mentors for me...I appreciate all their prayers and words of wisdom.

I also want to have a few key verses memorized so I can dwell on them. That is so important! 

What goals are you setting for yourself to maintain an attitude of gratitude?

Thank you for joining me on this journey of digging deeper into gratitude! You can purchase Nancy Leigh Demoss's book, Choosing Gratitude at Revive Our Hearts.

For His Glory,

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