Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Choosing Gratitude Day 29

Day 29

Deuteronomy 6:1–12

If you’ve been blessed with children, 

you know that gratitude doesn’t come 

naturally for them. But few things are 

more remarkable (and unusual) in 

children today than when they’re 

known for their thankful, contented 


While teaching and instruction have 

their place in growing gratitude in our 

kids, the best teacher of all is our 

example. Do your children hear you 

thank your husband when he tackles a 

home repair job? Do they hear you 

express gratitude to the Lord and to 

others for both little and big things 

throughout the day?

Gratitude is more effectively caught 

than taught. How contagious are you, 

especially at home?

Sit down and talk with your children 

about the high value God places 

on gratitude. Tell them how they’re 

going to start seeing some 

“gratitudinal” changes in you. If you 

don’t have children of your own, think 

about who God has placed in your 

sphere of influence. What are you 

teaching them about gratitude by your 


Honestly I'm not sure how well or not, I demonstrate gratitude to my kids. I know I teach it to them, but how well do I demonstrate it, is a whole other thing!

I don't think I express it enough to my husband, because I have caught myself thinking, "Oh, I should voice my gratitude to him about such and such." I don't think I do it enough!

I like today's challenge and want to sit down with kids...talk about what God says about gratitude (do ALL things without complaining, they hear it often...but do they see it?)...inform them that I what to demonstrate it a lot more...and ask them to help keep me accountable around the home.

Do you have children that you can demonstrate gratitude for? How will you apply this challenge to your life?

For His Glory,

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