Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Choosing Gratitude Day 23

Day 23

1 Timothy 6:6–10

All of us, in some way, possess some 

sense of entitlement toward God. So 

often our expectation or demand for 

“more” towers over the plenty we 

already possess. That’s because we 

forget that God doesn’t owe us 

anything. We are debtors. We are the 

ones who owe. We think we deserve 

more (or different or better) than we 

have, and therefore we forget or 

minimize the blessings God has already 

given and continues to give.

Not content with food, clothing, and a 

roof over our heads, we whine if we 

don’t have a certain kind of house, a 

certain kind of car, a certain kind of 

job, a certain kind of marriage, and 

certain kinds of friends living in a 

certain kind of neighborhood and 

income bracket. It’s time we let 

gratitude be our ticket to freedom.

What kinds of “wants” are you defining 

as “needs”? Ask God to show you any 

ways you may have become blinded to 

His grace. Highlight them. Confess 

them. And trade them in on the bounty 

God promises to the grateful.

I know what I WANT for a home...but am just so thankful that we have a safe place to live and have been together as a family.

I know how I WANT to eat and feed my family...but am just thankful that we have not gone hungry, that God has provided us FOOD. *smile*

I do struggle with what I WANT for a marriage...though that is not always wrong! Wanting to change every. little. thing. about my husband and marriage and being discontent is wrong. 

Where my marriage is at is also NOT God honoring though! There is nothing wrong with WANTING and WORKING on myself and my marriage (following scripture, seeking the Lord, and through HIS strength), while praying for my husband at the same time. *smile* Does that make sense??

What "wants" are you defining as "needs"?

For His Glory,

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