Monday, June 10, 2013

Natural Mondays Link-Up Week 2

Welcome back to week 2! 

Woo! Last week just FLEW by!

Are you looking for an all natural non-toxic approach to biting bugs this summer? I hate spraying bug spray especially near my kids faces!

I sell an ALL natural-herbal Bug Repellent.

Forgot to spray yourself or the kids and got bit? No biggie, I also have a Bug Bite Salve!

Of course I have much more to offer and my brain is always going and creating new items. Time and money are an issue when it comes to creating and adding new things. ;) I will be adding some new items today.

In honor of June being a birthday month (my niece, husband, Naomi and I) and Father's Day...I am going to be having a sale! Starting tomorrow (6/11 through 6/30) take 20% off any order!! :) Use code: JUNE20

Ok enough rambling! Now it's YOUR turn...SHARE AWAY! :) 

For His Glory,

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