Friday, June 14, 2013

Listing the Consequences

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: I have a friend who carries a list around in his billfold. It reminds him of the consequences of sin.
  • Sin steals joy.
  • Sin removes confidence.
  • Sin brings guilt.
  • Sin gives Satan the upper hand.
  • Sin quenches God’s Spirit.
  • Sin brings physical damage.
Nancy: When he’s tempted to disobey God, my friend pulls out the list and reads it.
  • Sin causes an ache in the soul.
  • Sin breaks God’s heart.
  • Sin opens the door to other sins.
  • Sin produces fear.
  • Sin makes me its slave.
Nancy: He asks himself, Is this a price I really want to pay? Is this a price I can afford to pay? You may want to make a list of your own. Next time you’re tempted to sin, pull it out and read it before you give into the temptation.
With Seeking Him , I'm Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Wow, I needed to hear this today. I am guilty of several of these. I know I have been and have asked God to forgive me and help me overcome my sins; loss of joy, fear, etc. We can no longer afford our internet and it is being shut off at the end of the week. I am SO overwhelmed and struggle with fear over our financial situation. i am really going to miss Listening to revive Our Hearts! But I am also SO THANKFUL that God allowed us to be able to afford the internet through the end of math!! Math was an online program this year. Praise God!! 

I will have to type my posts and save them on word, then finish and post somewhere with internet. :)

I have to say I love the idea of making that list and carrying it with me! What a great reminder. You could go one step further and writing verses down to go along with them.

What do you think?

For His Glory,

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