Wednesday, June 19, 2013

If Only...


After reading today's Seeking Him, I JUST HAD TO SHARE!

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Sometimes we fuel our discontent by playing the “if only” game.
“If only we didn’t have to move . . .”
“If we lived closer to my parents . . .”
“If we had a bigger house, I wouldn’t be so cranky.”
“If I were married, I wouldn’t look at those magazines.”
“If I wasn’t married, I’d start to give to the church.”
Nancy: We get deceived into thinking we’d be happier with a different set of circumstances.
“If he was the spiritual leader he was supposed to be, I probably wouldn’t be leaving him.”
Nancy: The truth is, if we’re not content in our present situation, we probably won’t be happy with another set of circumstances. Joy comes when we focus on the love and faithfulness of God. He’ll be with us no matter what else is going on. That’s why the apostle Paul could say, “I’ve learned to be content whatever the circumstance.”
No matter what you’re facing, you can choose the pathway of contentment. Choose to trust God, and find His joy and peace.
With Seeking Him , I’m Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Wow, I don't know about you, but this personally "hit home." Last week I was struggling with feeling overwhelmed and discontent.

I found myself continually thinking, "if only..."

If only...

  • My man had a job.
  • lived some place nicer.
  • we lived in a different town.
  • we had a yard.
  • we owned a home.
  • we could settle down and I could make our place more homey.
  • my husband would do this or that, or not this or that.
The list goes on and on.... :/

I am struggling with contentment and joy within our current trial. But God has been reminding me that I'm sinning and I need to hand it over to Him.

Just think about it Paul showed contentment and joy, while in prison under the city of Rome!! Wow!

I want to choose to trust God. My prayer is He will give me the joy and peace that comes with that. *smile*

Are you struggling with contentment? Joy?

For His Glory,

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