Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Be My Valentine" Week 4 Challenge

I'm sorry I have been MIA.

The last two weeks have been really tough for our family. There have been several trials that have come up and at this time I can't share much. But I have been away from the computer.

Last week I forsake the "Be My Valentine" challenge for the most part. Sorry!

I love Courtney's idea's for week four. I love her idea of a listing 10 special things regarding your husband and reading it to him. I did something similar but more involved for our anniversary and actually made my husband tear up! He and I joke that he is cold-hearted (his not, just not sentimental. Though he is romantic), so him tearing up is rare!

Do you have any creative ideas or any special plans for this week and Valentine's Day in particular?

We have no money and I mean that very seriously. So we have no fancy plans and are not buying each other things.

I have been trying to be conscious of speaking positively of my husband, especially to or in front of the children. I want them to see that I love and respect their father. I think that is very important.

I'm surprising my husband and making one of his favorite meals! Praise the Lord I was able to get the recipe from my mother in-law.

I am making him....Manhatten Chicken! I can't eat it, so I'll find something else to eat. *smile*

Actually Lord willing, we are going to have part of this coming weekend to ourselves. So I'm not sure if I'll wait until then to make his meal. If so we can have a quite candle-lit dinner. Or we can have a kid chatter filled, candle-lit dinner. *chuckle*

Then I'm planning his favorite dessert...brownies and ice cream. Yum!

Last year I bought him chocolate-covered strawberries. We can't afford it this year, so I'm planning on making him some. I already have the chocolate, so all I need are the strawberries. 

I'm going to give them to him with a card. Actually I bought the card last year and forgot to mail it to him. *hangs head in share.* *wink*

Lord willing we can snuggle and watch a movie after the kids are in bed. I miscarried last week, so snuggling is all we will be doing. *wink*

What about you...what are your plans? I would love to hear what your ideas.

For HIS Glory,

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