Thursday, February 14, 2013

10 Amazing Facts About My Husband

10 Amazing Facts about my Husband

  1. He is the most patient man I have ever met!
  2. He always worked hard for our family.
  3. He is fun!
  4. He is WONDERFUL with the kids. He cares and plays with each of them. They always want daddy’s attention.
  5. He is super smart! Really! He always amazes me with the things he knows and can do.
  6. He always dresses nice.
  7. He loves the Lord with all his heart and seeks out His word.
  8. He is diligent in teaching the kids about God’s word and in instructing them.
  9. He is handy. He can fix and build things around the house, is good with electronics, and with our vehicles. I am always left amazed at what he knows and can accomplish.
  10. He is diligent and memorizing scripture.

I have to brag on my husband, it is Valentines you know! *wink*

     When we all got the flu, he was JUST feeling better, but still not feeling well, when the kids and I got sick. He “stepped up to the plate” and took over. You need to remember he hadn’t lived with us due to his job, so this was his first time caring for all of us during a sickness.  He did an amazing job!! He was up with Josiah while he would cry all night. He gave everyone their medicine and fed the kids. He took Naomi to the doctor then that night he took Josiah to the E.R. after VERY little sleep! I am still so thankful, I couldn’t have done all that while being sick.

     He is SOOOO amazing with the kids! He plays and plays with the girls. He is always on top of helping care for Josiah’s medical needs. Tomorrow, while we are at co-op, he is taking Josiah to his doctor appointment alone.

     He was there for me last week when I had my miscarriage. He let me sleep when I needed it and snuggled with me and let me cry. I am still struggling emotionally and he has been so gentle and patient! 

     Honestly he should be in charge of cooking not me! *smile* He tends to come over and fuss over my meal that I am cooking. I have learned to let him do what he wants to, because it always comes out so much better! *chuckle* He’s like a professional chef. He tastes this and that, adds this and that, then tastes it again, all the while making funny faces. *smile*

OK, OK…I’ll stop boring you. ;)

What are some things you love about your husband?

For HIS Glory,

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