Thursday, August 21, 2014

Heart Surgery(?) and Sickness

Hello World!

I can't believe it's been about 1 1/2 months since Savannah had her originally tube placed! I've had several people ask me for's hard when things can change several times a week.

blurry picture of the feeding machine from Naomi :)

Getting a tummy full.


     So far Savannah has been good about not pulling her tube out. She's only pulled it out 3 times. The first and last were about 3 weeks in and (she accidentally pulls it out by sucking on her fingers then her finger gets caught on the tube) she pulled it out a few days before we where going to change it anyway. The 2nd time though, she only had it in for about two days, due to the arm bands being WAY to big and causing them to fall off. Besides she hates the arms bands, since she can't sooth herself. A friend who is a genius by the way, *wink* suggested newborn baby mitts. Genius I tell you, genius!!! She can still sooth herself by sucking on the mitts, but her fingers don't get caught.

Loving my mitts. ;)

     Last Monday the 11th we went into Boston to see the cardiologist, to find out if the surgeon wanted to schedule surgery or not. Much to my mixed feelings, we found out that they DO indeed want to schedule open heart surgery. :( She said they would be calling me to schedule the surgery, that the surgeon wanted to schedule it on 2-4 weeks!! I was not expecting them to do it SO soon! She suggested that I push for 4 weeks to give Savannah more time to grow before surgery.

Hey mom, here's my foot!

It's been a crazy two weeks...Josiah and Naomi got sick from being at the doctors (they both put a toy in their mouths.) They then passed the germs on to Savannah! I also realized that 4 weeks would be the second week of September, which is when I scheduled us to start school. Eek! So I have also been in "full steam ahead mode." We started school the next day, but I am still prepping, organizing and scheduling, since I wasn't finished with that yet.

Sick, breathing hard, just want Mama!

     By the end of the week I still hadn't heard from anyone about scheduling her surgery and was getting frustrated! If they were scheduling surgery in two weeks that would be here before you know it and I have three others kids to make arrangements for, plus I would like to know what to expect regarding surgery and recovery. So I called the cardiologist (since I had no idea who the surgeon is and how to even reach him) and found out that the board of surgeons hadn't even met yet, so they hadn't discussed her case! What!!? That's not what I was lead to believe!!

Sick, sleeping on Mommy.

     They called me back Friday after talking with the surgeon and cardiologist. I found out Dr. Warren is her surgeon, he wasn't able to meet with the board of surgeons, but that they are meeting THIS week and will call me NEXT week with an exact date for surgery. To help me out and give Savannah more time they agreed to shoot for the second week of October, unless she takes a turn for the worse. So we have crossed out the 2nd week and were told to tell family and friends...Lord willing we will have an exact date next week.

Crazy early morning shot, by Naomi. :)

     No, I still don't have any details on the surgery it's self, expected time in the hospital, and recovery time.We did see the cardiologist again yesterday and were told to keep an eye on her breathing do to the combination of being sick and her heart. Lord willing we are seeing her again on Sept. 2nd.

For HIS Glory,

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