Monday, July 14, 2014

A Different Kind of Flower

For my sweet Josiah...

A Different Kind Of Flower

She had been so depressed after the birth. Depressed and guilty and 
angry. She had been so good all through the pregnancy; it just wasn't 
fair. Her baby wasn't perfect. Her baby had a cleft. 

The front door closed in the other room. She knew her husband was home. 

He was later today than usual. Looking up, she saw him come into the room. 

He held out to her a gorgeous bouquet of roses. But wait, among the roses 
was one lone orchid. It was a beautiful orchid. With splendid color and 
plump. Lush petals, different from all the other flowers in the bouquet. 

She looked at her husband and stroked the errant bloom. 

"What's this?" she asked him. 

"Honey," he said as he sat beside her, "this flower is our son. Every
other baby in the nursery had rose-bud lips. But his lips were open, like
the petals of this orchid. Everybody else had a rosebud, but we had the only
orchid in the bunch. I just wanted you to see how beautiful an orchid is,
even among the rosebuds." 

She smiled. The orchid was beautiful after all. How could she ever had 
missed the beauty of the orchid among the rosebuds? 

- Joanne Green 

Josiah at this point. :)

For His Glory,

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