Thursday, May 16, 2013


SOOOOO I struggle with....FEAR, always have.

As Karen Loritts so plainly puts it:
"My biggest problem in life is I’m a worrier. I worry about worrying. The other problem I have is fear."
Sadly, I can totally relate. How about you? 

Lately I have REALLY been struggling with; 

     My husband made a decision regarding a job that has lead to fear and anger (in myself), after asking a friend/mentor for prayer and guidance. I got down on my knees and wept for forgiveness. My husband's decision is between him and God. But my thoughts and actions are between ME and God! I sinned by being fearful and angry. 

     I am still struggling with fear on and off and have to hold my thoughts captive and ask forgiveness. Once again Karen puts it so plainly,

So I did all the right things, but I could not shake this whole attitude in my bosom that fear was gripping me.
     I was really struggling just earlier this evening. God laid it upon my heart to listen to Nancy Leigh Demoss on Revive Our Hearts and I am SO glad I did! They were talking about fear and bitterness, how perfect!!

I want to share with you 8 truths about fear and it's buddies that Karen talks about on Revive Our Hearts.

  1. It distorts reality.
  2. It victimizes the person.
  3. It puts stress on the body, physically, emotionally, spiritually.
  4. It alienates the truth.
  5. It cripples you.
  6. Fear replaces faith.
  7. It disappoints.
  8. It robs your memory.

     Next week we will talk about those 8 buddies in more depth and I will share with you how God has been meeting me with my fears. *smile* I can't wait to share!!

     But now I am off to finish getting ready to leave for Georgia, 4 am will come too early! *wink*

For His Glory,

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