Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Baskets

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     I like to try and keep our Easter baskets Christ centered. Since Easter isn't REALLY about the Easter bunny or baskets. I certainly don't mind giving them a little candy and perhaps some small toys. Everyone is different. Some people might not do baskets, others, might do something small, and others might really get into it.

     I like to include a little candy, with one larger piece of chocolate (my mom always bought us a big chocolate shaped into something fancy, (such as a car, etc.) from the local homemade candy store.) We can't afford that at this time. But I like to go to the dollar store, the Dollar Tree to be exact. They sell chocolate in the shape of crosses! My oldest loves white chocolate so she gets one, while my youngest daughter gets a milk chocolate one.

Chocolate crosses.

     I then might buy something like peeps (gross! but my oldest loves them) to add to it and either a spring outfit or some toys. Such as sidewalk chalk, squirt guns, coloring books, etc. most items you can buy at the Dollar Tree as well. Plus if we do an East egg hunt, they get candy from that as well.

      My mom had a bag of Dove chocolates she gave me to add (thank you mom!) and I have some videos from Voice of the Martyrs. I had bought the movies about a year or two ago and have been slowly giving them as gifts. I'm planning on adding two of them movies to their gift bags. If I had money, I would buy them one of the beautiful books they offer for children. Check them out!

     Which by the way, this year I am just giving them brown paper lunch bags to decorate with markers and stickers. I know nothing fancy! But, that's not the purpose of Easter anyway. *wink*

Do you do Easter baskets? If so what are your plans?

For His Glory,

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