Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

I have decided to pick days through out the year to celebrate and learn about our heritage. I think it's important to know about the different cultures that our ancestors came from.

We have Irish (St. Patrick's day), French, German, English and Swedish. So we will pick 4 different days through out the year to celebrate yearly.

So this St. Patrick's day we learned about authentic Irish Soda bread, Irish breakfasts and what they might eat over in Ireland on March 17th. Each year we will try ne foods and learn more facts.

My cousin has been to Ireland and is planning on coming over to show us pictures and answer questions. Actually she has already answered one question; what is black pudding? Actually we learned it's not a pudding at all, but blood sausage!! Some of the things inside is, pig fat, oatmeal and blood. Doesn't sound so appetizing does it?! *laugh*

This Saint Patrick's day we made Irish Lamb Stew.

Before and after.

We baked Irish Soda bread. With no raisins since that is more authentic.

Then we made pistaccio pudding for a green dessert.

Last but not least the kids in green!! :)

What did you guys do on St. Patricks Day?

Until next time,

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