Saturday, March 10, 2012

Locked out...

So last week we got lots of snow, it didn’t stop snowing until the wee hours on Friday.

Unfortunately we had 3 dr. appointments in Boston starting at 9am. That meant getting up at 4:15am to shovel, clean off the car, warm it up and pack it (which is a lot with my sons medical equipment). After getting ready and was about to head outside, my 20 month old daughter woke up. So that changed my plans. I got her ready for the day and woke my 7 year old up and told her to get ready and come out to salt the walk way. Mind you this was all before 5:30 am!! So my little one and I headed outside. The plan was to do all that, then come back in and wake my 5 month old son, get him ready and head out the door. We needed to be gone by 6am, grab breakfast to go and be on the road by 6:30am.

       Well….Dakota came out salted, went back in, came back out all sleepy with a blanket to snuggle in. When I asked her to remind me of a few things I forgot to grab, she stated that (drum roll please)…she had locked the door for me. What?!?!

1. The house keys are still in the house!
 2. Josiah, my son is still in the house!

Don’t panic I have my husband’s spare house keys in the key (which we have never used). Well…I tried them (several times, might I add) and they didn’t work!!!

I called my husband, who by the way is down in MS at the time and informed him of our predicament. We decided I should call the land lord and ask her to come unlock us. Unfortunately she was still sleeping and didn’t answer.

            The only other option I could think of was to call 911, which I did. I was trying not to cry on the phone, the dispatcher transferred me to the town dispatcher and relayed to her the predicament. In relaying she states; “She has been locked out of her house by her 7 year old…I do not think intentionally though.” Oh my, that stopped the tears, I almost burst out laughing. I certainly hope my 7 year old didn’t lock me out on purpose!! *smile*

Shortly after that the police and fire department came and literally busted down the door. Yes there is a chunk missing now! The firefighter told me just to paint over it. I don’t think the land lord would appreciate that though. *smile*

It was scary and stressful and I hope to never lock one of my kids in or out again! *smile* The Lord was merciful though, it could have been a lot worse!

I realized I never actually stopped to pray a moment. That should have been my first step. First giving the situation up to God, asking for guidance and peace, plus it would have been a great example to my girls.

Even then God was gracious! I kept asking God over and over during the whole ordeal to please let Josiah stay asleep. It would have really stressed me out if he had been crying! The Lord heard my heart and kept Josiah asleep! *big smile* Praise the Lord for His mercy!

Until next time,

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